The Government today announced that Phase 2 services of the Trade Single Window (TSW), covering a total of 28 types of trade documents, have been fully implemented ahead of schedule to further facilitate the trade.

Together with the 14 types of trade documents covered by Phase 1, the TSW services now cover a total of 42 types of trade documents.

The trade can lodge business-to-government trade documents for trade declaration and cargo clearance via the one-stop electronic platform.

The Government said Phase 2 services have been rolled out in batches since May and have been operating smoothly, adding that the services covering the last batch of trade documents are rolled out smoothly today, ahead of the original schedule.

In addition to significantly expanding the coverage, the TSW’s Phase 2 services have enhanced system functions including advanced account management functions, full support for the "iAM Smart" platform, seamless interface with the information systems of relevant government departments, provision of notification service and functions to allow bulk submissions.

Since May, the TSW electronic platform has issued over 20,000 licenses or permits under Phase 2 services.

The Government said it will continue to provide support and enhance publicity to encourage the trade to register as users on the TSW website to save time and cost, enhance the efficiency of cargo clearance in Hong Kong, and consolidate the city's status as an international trade centre and logistics hub.

The TSW is being implemented in three phases. Trade documents covered by the first two phases are mainly import and export licences or permits required for specific controlled goods, with the participation of the trade on a voluntary basis.

The third phase will involve a large number of documents submitted by a wide range of stakeholders, covering Import & Export Declaration, Advance Cargo Information, Cargo Manifest & Cargo Report in respect of different transport modes, and applications for Certificate of Origin and Permit for Dutiable Commodities. The total volume of these documents was around 93 million in 2022.

The Government aims to roll out Phase 3 services in batches from 2026.

For enquiries, call the Customs & Excise Department’s Office of Trade Single Window Operation at 2117 3348 or send an email.


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