Financial Secretary Paul Chan concluded his trip to Suzhou today by visiting an enterprise that engages in in hydrogen power technology.

Apart from viewing the venture’s fuel cell system and its product assembly and testing facilities, Mr Chan met its representatives to learn about the firm’s plans to expand research and development and international business.
Noting that governmental bodies such as the Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises and Invest Hong Kong will provide one-stop services and facilitate the settling of firms, Mr Chan encouraged the enterprise to expand its business planning in Hong Kong where it can tap into the city’s fundraising services to strengthen its business and internationalisation.
Wrapping up his trip to Hangzhou and Suzhou, the Financial Secretary said he met leaders of both cities to discuss how Hong Kong could strengthen co-operation with them, and also visited enterprises specialising in different fields.
He pointed out that Hangzhou and Suzhou, as fast-developing and highly advanced cities in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, are enhancing the development of new quality productive forces with innovation to promote high-quality development.
Mr Chan highlighted that in addition to possessing advantages such as its connectivity with international capital and alignment with international standards, Hong Kong has the ability to attract international talent and provide high-quality professional services and access to international markets.

He made it clear that Hong Kong can join hands with Hangzhou and Suzhou to assist their enterprises in developing their international businesses.
“I firmly believe in the enormous potential and scope for future collaboration between Hong Kong and the Yangtze River Delta region,” he added.


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