Chief Executive John Lee and his wife Janet Lee officiated at a reception held by the Home & Youth Affairs Bureau and Women’s Commission (WoC) to celebrate International Women’s Day 2024 today.

It was attended by WoC members, and representatives from women’s groups, non-governmental organisations and the local community.

Addressing the ceremony, Mr Lee said that in his Policy Address, he announced that the Government will set up a Women Affairs Team and designate the post of Commissioner for Women Affairs to steer its relevant work.

“The commissioner will work hand in hand with the Women’s Commission to advance our women’s well-being,” he added.

Mr Lee also made a solumn appeal to his audience at the reception.

He said: “The Women’s Commission is today 23 years of age. And 23 means a lot, not just to the Women’s Commission this year, it also means a lot to Hong Kong today.

“Today, we are pressing ahead with the enactment of the Basic Law Article 23 legislation. 

“Today, we have gazetted the Safeguarding National Security Bill and introduced the bill to the Legislative Council.

“Today, the council, I am heartened to add, immediately convened a special meeting in the morning and is conducting two bills committee meetings in the afternoon to scrutinise the bill."

The Chief Executive emphasised that the legislation aims to improve Hong Kong's legal framework in safeguarding national security and is paramount to maintaining the city's long-term prosperity and stability.

“I appeal to all of you as leaders of women’s groups, as female professionals or simply as members of the Hong Kong community, to support our work in ensuring the early enactment of the legislation.

“Getting it done, even one day earlier, means we can more effectively safeguard national security one day earlier.”


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