Deputy Financial Secretary Michael Wong announced today that the Government will boost a mega events economy and consolidate Hong Kong’s status as an international city through reaching out more proactively.

Over 80 mega events will be held in the first half of 2024, covering culture and art, sports, finance, and trade exhibitions.

At a press conference this afternoon, Mr Wong said the Tourism Board will make use of its existing network, work with the Trade Development Council and the Government’s economic and trade offices, and identify mega events that could be staged in Hong Kong.

To add value to scheduled mega events, the government bodies will discuss with the event organisers on offering extra activities that add local elements.

Apart from that, Mr Wong said the Government will establish an inter-departmental co-ordination group which will aim to ensure that mega event organisers get sufficient cross-departmental support, and make certain that bureaus, departments and statutory bodies closely communicate with one another.

“Let us say a project requires broad, inter-bureau or inter-departmental co-ordination, then the group chaired by me with Kevin (Secretary for Culture, Sports & Tourism Kevin Yeung) as the vice chairman, we will come in.

“We believe that increased co-ordination will be a big help.”

The co-ordination group will also serve to promote a culture of supporting and facilitating mega events in Hong Kong, he added.

Moreover, the Tourism Board will set up a dedicated team which will work as the first point of contact for those interested in organising mega events. After establishing such contact, the board will make preliminary assessments on the potential of holding the events in Hong Kong, and provide advice to the Government.

Furthermore, in a bid to create a citywide ambience of involvement in and facilitation for mega events, Mr Wong said Radio Television Hong Kong will launch a multimedia programme to convey to citizens information on mega events and arouse people’s awareness.

The Information Services Department will also collaborate with other media organisations to step up publicity.


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