The Government today announced that it will roll out relief measures under the fifth round of the Anti-epidemic Fund, with a total funding of about $3.57 billion, to help sectors affected by the COVID-19 epidemic situation.

It noted that the tightening of social distancing measures from January 7 has impacted the business of certain sectors, especially those business premises that have been asked to close, and catering business premises where dine-in services after 6pm have been banned.

As such, the Government swiftly decided to implement relief measures under the fund for the affected sectors.

This round consists of two parts - one for premises and individuals directly affected by the latest tightened social distancing measures, and the other for trades which have not seen any business revival since the onset of the epidemic as the flow of people between Hong Kong and other places has not yet resumed.

Several subsidy schemes under the fund, including those for club houses, amusement game centres and sports premises as well as licence holders of mahjong-tin kau premises and places of amusement, will accept applications from January 17.


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